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Go to Las Vegas…..when possible!

Written by Nazarina on September 4th, 2009

Las Vegas travel diary

(…old blog  www.giddygastronome.blogspot.com)

I was in dire need of a  vacation after the last of my house guests in late August but  knew that this would not be possible since Ramadan(Fasting) was fast approaching. It was then that  E told me that I had to support him by going  with him  to the National Pool Team Championships, held in Vegas! What made it even more attractive was the fact that the trip plus the posh hotel was paid for by the American Pool Association( APA). I decided that I would uphold my Fasting in Vegas while walking the strip and watching  the pool tournaments.  Time would definitely fly by!!!

Their team did extremely well, they played for 4 days out of 5  and even reached a money round!!! How cool was that, considering that this was only his second year playing for the APA league. They also had to beat all the local pool teams in their district to be able to participate in this national championship  competition in Vegas!

E delighted the crowd with  three break and runs ( two,  one after the other  in a match  on the Monday and another on Tuesday night. This was not all fun and games, it was tough, but in  the end,  his love for playing the game and his team conquered all!

Polaroids of our 8 days in Vegas, a trip I shall never forget!


Congratulations to you and the rest of  your team for playing so well!!


We were not allowed to use the flash…hence the fuzzy pool pics.


I was in my element with  all the  exquisite cuisines Las Vegas had to offer!




The Encore! ( I shall never forget!!!!!! Thank you!



The gondola ride was like being right there in Venice!


Mirage Hotel where the volcano erupts often!



Patisserie inside the Mirage


Treasure Island hotel.


Do I hear Fergie and the Black Eyed peas in the background!



My head was spinning just looking up at the buildings. An impatient horn soon brought me back to reality!




Harrah’s : The neon lights are like jewels!


Inside Caesar’s Palace.


Bellagio fountains…just as beautiful during the day!


Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace hotels.


Casino inside Caesar’s Palace

“I can honestly say that I went to Vegas not to gamble( because I don’t)  but gambled with my life trying to cross the streets!!!!”


The very majestic Luxor hotel.


Jean Philippe patisserie, Bellagio hotel.


Who can resist SpongeBob? ( Excalibur hotel)


We had a stupendous time in Vegas in spite of the 110 degree days!! What a fun  town this is!!!!I would recommend buying a three day bus pass if you are going to be there for long. The buses in Vegas are beautiful and would definitely “save your aching soles.” Trust me you have a lot to see and parking your car is not always easy plus  it is also costly. Hope you enjoy your trip to Vegas just as much as I did!

Thank you for stopping by!


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  1. Jo A. T.B.No Gravatar says:

    Hi Naz,

    Glad you finally took some time off! I see from the lovely photos you had a wonderful vacation! Loved the photo of you with Sponge Bob!

    You know I wanted to go to Vegas on our honeymoon years ago, but we went to Reno, Monterey Bay, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe. It was breathtakingly beautiful! Did you gamble at all, we went to the big casinos in Reno, and they were over the top and elaborately amazing!

    Did you notice how flat the landscape was there compared to our mountains. I’m thinking you have mountainous landscape where you live. We’ve lots of hills here in PA!

    There is so much to see in this world! You can’t beat an almost free vacation, I would’ve jumped at the chance too!

    I had to look up Ramadan fasting, seems similar to Catholic Lent! My husband is Catholic, but I do not fast for any religion by choice!

    There were a lot of tram cars which are like buses in San Francisco, they were constantly saying watch out for the tram cars. They were definitely nice to get around in.

    Loved your post! Hugs, Jo ~

  2. NazarinaNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Jo!
    No I do not gamble, but I did spend my money on only the best cuisine. I love desserts and bought a different one everyday to break my Fast! I have been to Reno and San Francisco as well and loved the trolley too!
    You will really enjoy Vegas….there is only one Vegas!!!!

  3. n33maNo Gravatar says:

    Vegas is so much fun……we went there for our first anniversary.The food,the shows,the people,the casino everything is so wonderful.Good to know that it was memorable for u too.

  4. What a fun trip! Vegas is great, so much to offer! The pool championships must have been neat to watch!

  5. SomaNo Gravatar says:

    vegas is the land of it’s own! nice to hear that u had a great time (could see it from the photos).. oh when will my kids grow so we can make another trip again??!! LOL

    beautiful.. & thanks for the virtual trip.

  6. dawnNo Gravatar says:

    Oh don’t you just love Vegas. You know what I love is all that marble, such gorgeous floors and yes of course all those restaurants, all that food.
    Good to see you back. You were missed!

  7. ochikeronNo Gravatar says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous trip!!! I wish I could go there someday with my bf!!!

    Your pics are wonderful as usual.

    I know you enjoyed food there 😉

  8. VegetationNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, what a beautiful place! It looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  9. ShaunaNo Gravatar says:

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    Shauna and the Beet Street Team

  10. yasmeenNo Gravatar says:

    Good to see you back Naz after the fun vacation.Hope you are having a blessed fasting season 🙂

  11. chefectomyNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Naz,

    Looks you had a fab time, especially with Spongebob. Those patisserie’s sure look good…Now that you are rested you gotta get cookin’!!


  12. Looks like you had a great trip

  13. Hey stranger. Looks like you had an awesome time. My son would have loved visiting with SpongeBob.

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