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Chodai ki kahania



I live, love and share  good food  in a very jovial and unpretentious manner. I believe that very seldom should overindulgence supersede constraint. So let us savor our food!

Please join me on this culinary journey as I cook my way through an array of gastronomic delights .  I hope  to dazzle  you too with my  soap making and candle making which became the other passions in my life!

Almost every story begins with “My Grandmother”. well, so does mine! She was an outstanding confectioner and demanded nothing but perfection.My mother on the other hand was a runway fashion designer and dressmaker and nothing short of a fabulous baker and gourmet cook as well. My family is of Malaysian descent and grew up in South Africa where almost everything was natural and organic.

Pictures of my place of birth, the picturesque, Cape Town!




My Grandmother and Mother exposed us to this type of lifestyle at a very early age and for this I shall remain eternally grateful. Their mantra was that hospitality would get you everywhere, so now I am trying to follow in their footsteps.

I, too,  roast the coconut and grind the spices and use only the freshest butter and cream because ultimately this love for food is what generates everlasting friendships.

This blog is in memory of my Mother and Grandmother and all the great ladies before them!

N.B. many of the recipes on my side panel can be found on my old blog @ www.giddygastronome.blogspot.com!

Emigrated to the U.S.A. & attended college in Florida & now,  reside in the beautiful state of Colorado,  where I can ski to my heart’s content!


  • love to cook
  • bake
  • craft
  • write poetry
  • read
  • ski
  • dance
  • hike
  • camp
  • four wheeling with my husband
  • jog around the lake
  • take care of my family and 3 cats

Favorite Movies

  • School of rock with Jack Black

Favorite Music

  • techno
  • trance
  • rock

Favorite Books

  • The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • Stolen lives by Malika oufkir
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