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June, 2009

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Thoughtful and beautiful Father’s day gifts!

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Welcome to my new home! I am still trying to update this site so please bear with me!  I need to bring all of you, my followers,  as well!  In the meanwhile, please enjoy this post.

Happy Father’s day to all the papas out there!  May your day be filled with barbecues, stretching out on the sofa watching the game and simply doing nothing at all. But wait…..Is that not what you do anyway?

However, before we can start this barbecue, the grill still needs cleaning since the last time. So does this mean that we have to clean it first or are you going to do it? Don’t worry dad, we definitely do not expect you to do it. This day is all about you and we shall stay true to the premise of Father’s day! I am sure this scenario “only happens in our house”.  Ha! ha! I know, I  am being  facetious!


I made this “speed boat” soap  ( weighs 6oz)  from goats milk, cocoa and shea  butters and I think my papa is going to smell oceany  fresh  in a very good way!  I added a little “polo” fragrance as well for a manly aroma. I have already featured this soap but the detail on this bar is much better! Believe me, this bar is a bit testy to make. The cigar box too is handcrafted with love, a perfect container to package all the soaps and face towels. In fact that is how I roll, make everything with the recipient in mind!

My dad has enough aloe plants in his garden, enough to save everybody on the planet skin’s  dilemmas  so I decided to make him several  aloe bars as well. I don’t know whether he is going to dig this one because it is a little on the “girlie’ side but  I believe that every man has to get in touch with their feminine side occasionally! Here,  too,  the detail on the soap took me several hours! It contains aloe,  goats milk,  essential oils and butters, sunflower fragrance and rose oils.

Making a dozen handmade  soaps, packaged in a handcrafted cigar box  is truly a beautiful endeavor! Go on,  spoil the old man just a little!



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Beautiful and flavorful eats!

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

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