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July, 2009

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Cooking sweet potato love and sharing fashion for less!

Saturday, July 25th, 2009


Entertaining guests

I  have been busy  entertaining house guests on and off  for the past three and a half months. I have had visitors from oversees and from other states within the U. S. and I am expecting more during August. I do this job really well because I am a  people person but sooner than later one’s up-beat energy level begins to wane and manifests into unwelcome bouts of exhaustion and stress which then brings to mind the saying….Are guests really like fish? … do they really begin to smell after three days? LOL! To my family and friends……..just kidding!

There are many antidotes to stress and anxiety, for me it is jogging and cooking. This physical form of meditation  engages the body to “move” with the sights and sounds all around you, encourages clarity and ultimately restores harmony once more. It actually quiets all my worries and gives me a sense of grounding, ready  for my next load of house guests. This same philosophy goes for my cooking as well! Many have told me to just open up my B & B already, ( Believe me,  here in Colorado are many quaint little spots and I have entertained this idea),  now  my answer to that is ” Why mess with a good life!”

Alpine adulation!

This is my little neighborhood.  We’ve  had lots of rain this summer hence the dark green hue of  the pines  and other  vegetation. I love it here!  BTW, this is where I  picked up my pine cones and needles to decorate my dish below!


These  tall majestic trees can  withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds and severe snowstorms,  but let me not talk about winter just yet for  I  am far  too busy enjoying the sunshine even though it feels like  the temps. are in triple digits!


These are new and exciting recipes featured below in my upcoming book ( The book is  hard work and  the progress is steady but  very productive!) I test all these new recipes thoroughly making sure that they would work for you as it does for me! This exciting book features recipes with a chic ” no holds barred ingredient list  approach” and will truly be my labor of foodie love!!!!

Mash potato recipe ( perfect for those cool Alpine nights)

This  is a creamy mash potato crumble with a topping that is to die for! The  yellow  mustard seeds  in the topping   gave this dish a delectable crispy twang! and  some of the  other exciting ingredients  imparted a depth of flavor  that will tantalize  even the most distinguished palate !


I took it a step further and made a tasty brown mushroom gravy with this dish. The gravy which had a hint of spice was the icing on the cake and the mash potato simply melted as it hit the smooth, warm gravy! Absolutely scrumptious!


Cooking sweet potato ( figure friendly food)

It is like culinary magic when one roasts these chillies and seeds. A little spicy but extremely flavorful indeed! This was part of my ingredient list for the cooking of the sweet potato crumble below!


This sauteed veggies form the basis of both dishes.


Can you believe this was the unbaked version of my sweet potato crumble?

These are lightly baked  sweet potato rings with the chili  tepin garnishing the dish and covered layers of sweet potato mash  etc…….

sweet potato love.jpg

This is the baked version of the sweet potato crumble and let me just say that the sweet smell of ginger, garlic and toasted panko were  sweet smells  of success! Can you hear that crunch?

baked, sweet potato love.jpg

Clothes to pose in ( figure friendly fashion for less )

Now that I have shared my figure friendly food, let me introduce you to my figure friendly fashion!  My sweetie says that everything I touch, I turn it into “sexy.” ha! ha!

The black bodice is made from spandex and the floral  skirt is extremely flowing. This dress makes the silhouette  appear  slender and  tall with a cute black  sandal of course. I wore a little black tights to further accentuate the legs.

black bodice with floral flowing skirt.jpg 430

The spandex in both these bodices is  form-fitting but not constricting.  The fabrics used are playful and light weight  and give  the figure a sense of flattery that attracted many a watchful eye! ( flattery is not the food of a fool  when wearing this frock, you will  only be showered with  second, third, fourth glances etc ..!

Front of frock ( I wore a white shorts with this top)

I used a rinky dink little sewing machine, ( bought from one of those infomercials),  to put the hem in this dress and the lace was sewn on  by hand!  I really need to invest in a better sewing machine!

front of my frock.jpg 450

Back of frock

back.jpg 450

I wore  this  little white cork sandal  with this top.  The leather laces are tied “criss cross”  up the leg and shows off one’s  beautiful tan!

soft comfy lace up sandals.jpg 350

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Lots of love,


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