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Pina colada thumbprints, Easter & sea soaps & more!

Written by Nazarina on July 9th, 2011


How to make desserts soar! How to make soap fun!

Pina colada thumbprints – some with coconut ganache & some with chocolate; also Easter soaps & aquatic & terrestrial soaps

Summer is here, and I am stagnant no more!

My hands are almost automatically drawn to making a myriad of things but lately my mind seems to be tangled in a web of a creative confusion. I seem to find myself there more often than not and even though this bothers me, I have no time to ponder the cause because usually, life gets in the way. A friend once said that multitasking and fatigue can do this to a vibrant brain and implored me to step away from it all. I did comply for a little while, thinking that I was free at last from baking, soap making & photographing, yet strangely enough,  my soul kept hankering for that unnecessary trepidation that goes into the art of making things from scratch. So here I am again, purely driven by  the persuasive powers of a  zealous nature to create & making people smile! Lord knows, how long this will last, yet I always say that imagination is only limited by a blurry vision and consistency best be a recourse for the unimaginative!

This segment is for the South Africans…..

Ek was net fokken lui en my familie het op my senuwees gewerk! Som tye will ek vir hulle ‘n warme paar klappe gee vir aand ete!…en “call it quits.” Gelukkig kan my familie nie Afrikaans verstaan nie he! he!


Pina colada , chocolate ganache thumbprints

Dessicated coconut, ( I cannot bake with no other), thumbprints filled with a dark chocolate ganache & garnished with a toasted coconut flake. I made these for a dear friend’s baby shower including all the soaps below! This recipe is so different to that of my other thumbprints!


Pina colada thumbprints filled with a coconut white chocolate ganache, made with coconut cream & garnished with a maraschino cherry. Who knew what freeze-dried pineapple powder & coconut extract would do to hike up the ego of these absolutely scrumptious coconut shortbread beauties?

……  like  Freddie would say, (‘n Suid Afrikaner wat ek in Miami ontmoet het) sal se, dit is nie lekker nie, dit is moer se lekker!


I love the unexpected twists & turns in this recipe, it made the diners at this baby shower wish for more! They all wanted to know, how I achieved this delicately balanced recipe & not at all sweet to boot!



My hand-made soaps for curious little munchkins

Chocolate brown bunnies & cheeky chicks….Easter essentials for tiny tots. These were a bit cumbersome to make…..not an easy project but with a little perseverance, I achieved the final images conjured in my imagination.


Luminous soaps, slippery sea critters basking on the boardwalk. I had to buy the “sea sand” from a craft store for the decoration on the tables for the baby shower….Is this not pitiful? Where is the ocean when I need it?


Soapy Aquatic ” monsters” & terrestrial critters that hide in your bath-tub. I found these rather inexpensive molds, not for soap- molding at all, but used them anyway! I am glad that I am making a little guy, named Cooper,  so happy at bath time!



This post is especially for you Auntie Fatie & all of my aunts & uncles, (in Cape Town, South Africa), & most of all our dearly departed…….

I sincerely miss those days when we were all together….joyous & loud for all to hear,  but then again, we are extremely lucky with all those beautiful memories that Mamma, Boeyah, Grandmother Galiema, my Mom, uncle Omar, uncle Toyer, uncle Yusuf, (a magnificent artist in his own right)  have given us the pleasure to savor! Their creativity was mesmerizing!

To Uncle Mitch who is still wowing people in his part of the world! Are you not glad that you took what may have seemed as woodworking abuse by Boeyah, to a now revered pastime & a means of income? To Uncle Issie who taught us that loyalty toward family takes precedence over everything else!  To Tietie, with her delectable twists and turns in food & making any unsuspecting diner wish for more of what they thought, they disliked! To Auntie Mona, for that entrepreneurial spirit & teaching us to explore the “other side” of the world! I am happy to report that “this other side of the world” is what I now call home!

Because of Uncle Omar & you, Auntie F, I can still make huge additions mentally just by looking at numbers, this I learned by working in your store on the week-ends & much later in my Mom’s store.  Both you & my Mom taught me the beauty  & the love for fabric among countless other things…..my Mom, who could turn any rag into a robe fit for a runway… & what can I say about my Grandmother J, she was one of a kind, she is still making sure that up to this day, I am making her craft proud, her confectioneries were insane!!! I know in my heart of hearts that she helps me every step of the way through this satisfying journey of  tasty cookery!

To my Grandmother G, who with great ease, made vats of tangy mango pickle & delicious home-made fizzy ginger beer & from whom I take after in looks and mannerisms! I have yet to master the art of ginger beer…..I shall soon!

Auntie F, I still remember the time when you showed me off in a sari when I was twelve! I loved those scrumptious,  baked turmeric colored potatoes you made in the oven….& now of course I make them for my family , friends & acquaintances  all over world & not without the beautiful memory that goes with them. My friends thank you’ll! There are just not enough accolades in the world to commemorate what you all have instilled within us. I miss those dearly departed! I am because of what they made me to be!!  I thank God every day, that I had such caring elders who embraced life with so much passion & making this, sometimes unattractive world, so appealing!


Hope you guys are having a spectacular summer! Will post a recipe soon!

Love as always,



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14 Comments so far ↓

  1. Washila ToffieNo Gravatar says:

    Our mouths are watering. Having personally tasted those Thumbprint cookies. Hana and I are in awe of your beautiful cakes and goodies. We just ate all of it ha.ha. Keep doing what you do. Much Love. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. NazarinaNo Gravatar says:

    ……….Thanks Auntie Lucky, You & Hana are always welcome to any of my baking,soap making etc. Wow, you guys are up late! What is going on in Miami?

  3. I can say for a fact that your cookies are the best, especially the dark chocolate ones for us chocoholicks!! Your soaps are so beautiful too, and almost look edible. I agree with Washila your baking and spices absolutely \"Mouth watering!

    Hanging at our pool today another 90 degree scorcher! Thanks for all your wonderful goodies, I love them all, and your special friendship! Love ya ~ Jo

    P.S. Hard to hold back all that creative talent isn\’t it? Always a pleasure to be able to view and sample your awesome treasures!!

  4. NazarinaNo Gravatar says:

    ……………Jo, you are so welcome, I love making you smile….yep, it is a scorcher here as well, the humidity makes me feel like I am in Florida!

  5. AmbreenNo Gravatar says:

    I really want to taste these cookies now, super irresistible! Your soaps looks fabulous 🙂

  6. CakebrainNo Gravatar says:

    Your gorgeous soaps have me wishing I could take up this hobby! And your desserts are inspiring too. You are so talented and creative!

  7. Those handmade soaps look fantastic! I’m so impressed! Great post!

  8. Greatly presented and tempting cookies. Handmade soap looks fabulous with various shapes and colors…

  9. Those Pina colada, chocolate ganache thumbprints look soooo good! And those soaps are too cute!

  10. shannonNo Gravatar says:

    those homemade soaps are adorable!! and love those cookies, they sound right up my alley 🙂

  11. kankanaNo Gravatar says:

    Those soaps are SO cute.. just great finishing and the colors look perfect! And those cookies looks delicious 🙂

  12. aipiNo Gravatar says:

    My 4 year old is completely going nuts seeing those pretty homemade soaps ~ and she wants me to make them now 🙂
    Very professional n neat work! Kudos!
    US Masala

  13. RahiemaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi N, I just read your post on the family – brought tears to my eyes. Memories of those years are all we have now…. and you are an amazing amazing gastronome! Granny would be so proud of you. love, Rahiema

  14. NazarinaNo Gravatar says:

    ……….Rahiema my dear,what a fantastic surprise! I simply love your visit! Imagine my surprise when I saw your comment! In which part of this beautiful globe, do you now call home? Better still I shall e-mail you! Is it not the greatest thing when a long lost cousin, suddenly leaves you a comment?

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